Directed by Leonardo Verkoelen
In the spirit of Hip-Hop collaboration, this film was created together with
graffiti artist Briks and beatmaker OrphanWorkz.
We captured Briks' process going from a rough idea to a finalised piece.
The film is a visual freestyle that made us realise our love for being outside
and collaborating on something real.


This project allowed us to experiment with multiple Aspect Ratios as a method of punctuation. It worked out very effectively as we could emphasise specific moments in the film. - Leonardo Verkoelen
It was great to have OrphanWorkz involved from an early stage. That way we had a strong sonic idea of what footage we needed for it to work. - Leonardo Verkoelen



It's not often you'll hear me say that a project was more about the process than about the result. With this one that was definitely the case.
I'd like to thank my good friend Briks for this collaboration that was a ride of pure creativity from start to finish. Me and Briks have spoken
about doing a collaboration all the way back since high-school and we finally crossed paths. I'm excited for the many more to come.


Producer & Director: Leonardo Verkoelen
Director of Photography: Aaron Tiggelovend
Editor & Animator: Leonardo Verkoelen
Artist: Briks
Music: OrphanWorkz





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