A Moody But Murky Piece

Leonardo Verkoelen

The first critical review is in by HorrorBuzz!

It is honestly great to see the different opinions surrounding Short Film by Blauw Films.
Both due to lack of experience and an inherent drive to make what we believe we should make, the film does fall short on a few key points.

As mentioned by HorrorBuzz:
Rather than using the film’s themes of pregnancy and anxiety about parenthood to drive its horrific imagery, the film decides to string together disjointed sequences that don’t seem to connect to each other, much less any central themes.

This is a criticism I have heard before about the narrative in this film.

There is an obvious difference between execution and conceptualising.

During the conceptualising of Short Film by Blauw Films the parallels between each set-piece were well defined and developed upon.
But in film, what counts is whether you execution communicates the vision.
Here we were lacking in quite a few areas.

It is good to read critical reviews of your short film.
You shouldn't agree with everything said, that would destroy your ability to make your art.
But it's a great test to see where your film failed to communicate what it should've.