Written & Directed by Leonardo Verkoelen
We worked with Opus Science Collective to create a music video for their track
The Ride Home. A story of a girl cycling home in the colorful world of light.

Future Funk is a crazy genre of music and we wanted to make something that truly
captured the nostalgic feeling and euphoria that the track provided.
The process of creating this video was just so much fun.


Honestly, I haven't had this much fun making a video in a while. We were playing around with lights and finding beautiful combinations of colors. - Leonardo Verkoelen


We wanted to merge the 3D graphics with something physical.
There is an undeniable beauty in how light disperses.

Holographic paper was one of the first ideas to come to mind.
We spent a day lighting the different surfaces in a multitude of different angles and intensities.
After a while we started to get a feeling for how the colors dance on the surface.


I would love to thank Steve from Opus Science Collective for being so excited as he was about the concept.
The freedom we received to create truly gave us a playground to work in. I would also like to thank the crew for being focused
and professional in between takes and around moments of awe.


Producer: Gianluca Barra
Director: Leonardo Verkoelen
Director of Photography: Erick Alcaraz
Editor & Animator: Leonardo Verkoelen
Music: Opus Science Collective
First Assistant Camera: Tomas Posada
Assistant Producer: Magdalena Essel
Actress: Bogdana Petrova




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