Moon Phases

Leonardo Verkoelen

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This product includes a sequence of Moon Phases.

100 Step of Moonlight in an image sequence.

Formats: .exr

Adding a moon to your shots can be a great way to add that little bit of Epic to an already good looking shot! To save time in post-production and to have more creative flexibility I've created a realistic moon in Cinema 4D with Corona Renderer. I've rendered 100 frames of the moon with a sun spinning fully around. Every phase of the moon is included in these 2048x1152 .exr layers. They are easy to use for Visual Effects Matte Painting, Concept Art or even Game Environment Design. Thanks for checking it out!


  • Moon Phases 100 .exr Layers
  • readme How to Use .txt


  • These assets can be used inside of After Effects or any other compositor.
  • You could also use these assets inside of a Video Game Engine.
  • You could use them inside of your 3D software as a flat card.

Planet Earth rendered in the Blauw Films crystal material

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