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Storyboard Template

Leonardo Verkoelen

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Storyboarding is an essential step in the cinematic process. Storyboards are great for planning and developing ideas. We've spoken with many filmmakers who's opinion we trust and asked them what key features they'd like to have included in a Storyboard. We've boiled it down to a streamlined design that can be adjusted to your liking inside of Photoshop. Digitally design your project or print the sheets out and work practically!  

This storyboard template includes a traditional horizontal format and a vertical one. Each board has a variety of aspect ratios and includes compositional guides that can easily be turned on through the folders. Easily change your project name and include copyright information. The Photoshop file is non-destructive and allows for all your personal adjustments, making it the right Storyboard for your project.

We created the Storyboard Template to help beginner and intermediate artists who love storytelling.


  • Horizontal Storyboard Template .psd
  • Vertical Storyboard Template .psd
  • readme .txt


  • These assets can be used in Photoshop


Will upload a tutorial regarding this asset soon to the Blauw Films YouTube channel:


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Commercial use of Storyboard Template are permitted but the assets themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as movies, video games, etc.

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