Storyboard Template

Easy-to-use Photoshop template to create storyboards

This file holds various templates that help with shot composition.

This Photoshop Project File is optimised for Storytelling.

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Access to future updates

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Leonardo Verkoelen
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Create clear Storyboards

This Photoshop file includes customisable layers to create clear storyboards for shots and scenes.
Use the build-in composition guides to follow basic composition layouts such as the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. For more complex shots, perspective guidelines are included. 

Preset layouts include horizontal and vertical.

Show the Story

Use the Storyboard Template to communicate shots, compositions and scenes with the crew and production partners. 
The Storyboard Template can be used both digitally and physically. 

Brainstorm ideas and sketch sequences with the Storyboard Template.

Download the Free Storyboard template for film production and animation. The storyboard template is available as a printable .pdf and as a customisable .psd file. Open the professional storyboard template in photoshop and edit it to your likings with composition guides and aspect ratios.

® 2020 Short Film by Blauw Films
® 2020 Storyboard Template
Developed by Blauw Films

From the moment we first made a short film at Blauw Films, adeptly named "Short Film by Blauw Films", we knew the importance of visualising every scene during preparation.
Storyboarding is an ever-important process for each film, and we will continue development on a production friendly document for communicating your ideas.

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