Last updated January 2022

We strive to execute on Dreams of Blauw[1]
We aim to maintain creative purity
We strive to be honest with our thoughts and artistic expression
We strive to be relentless in establishing our own status quo

We understand the best results come from creative collaboration
We strive to work with those who's contribution is right for the project
We understand the journey will be unique to each themselves

The journey will have unexpected turns and creative conflict
Don't get discouraged along the way
Everything is temporary and the moment you are currently in should be cherished

This is to personal development
This is to creating an open-source community
This is to sharing our experiences in a pursuit of collective growth
This is to establishing new production pipelines and financing structures
This is to stimulating smaller economies around the world
And to de-mystifying the gate-kept art of cinema, including its parallel industries

Everything has been done before, but not how we do it

[1]: Dreams of Blauw are any form of crystallised thought based on honest expression. Sometimes they linger a shade of blue in your after-image.