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How Much Do We Really Know?

SYNTACTIC LABYRINTHS is an all-new, genre-defying transcendental science-fiction short film by Blauw Films, visualising space and time through pure cinema.

In this enigmatic narrative, we delve into a world where the collective knowledge of humanity has found its sanctuary aboard the Library, a spacecraft overseen by the supercomputers, THINKER & RECEIVER. As we cross the infinite, we embark on an odyssey of exploration, venturing into uncharted realms of the universe and unearthing discoveries that defy the boundaries of the known.

Syntactic Labyrinths

Rating: 12+
Runtime: 15 min
Release Date: TBA, 2023
Genre: Science Fiction

Directed By
Leonardo Verkoelen

Produced by
Leonardo Verkoelen

Executive produced by
Anton Lupak, Leonardus Verkoelen & Robert Getty

The Team
Costume Design - Charlotte Simons
Concept Artist - Valentín Borowczyk
Music - Alex Gregson
Production Design - Teresa Almeida
Visual Effects - Leonardo Verkoelen
1st Assistant Director - Magdalena Essel
Editor - Leonardo Verkoelen
2nd Unit Director of Photography - Tomas Posada
Gaffers - Nic Roques & Michael Wood
Sound Design by - 344 Audio
Set-Photography - Nic Roques
Asteroid 3D Artist - Nadir Perazzo
Graphic Designer - Jeremy Rieger
The Library Designer - Fraser McPhee
Mechanical Designer - Edon Guraziu
Director of Photography - Erick Alcaraz
Writers - Leonardo Verkoelen, Michael Wood & Erick Alcaraz

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Syntactic Labyrinths

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