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We Are Left With No Choice...

OPERATION: DELI PLATTER is an all new, genre defying multi-story action film by Blauw Films, crossing mediums to explore all conspiracies behind this world.

In a not-so-distant future, the governments of the world have reformed into a system believed to have brought peace. Large sections of the globe are living in prosperity, however some parts are awfully quiet. The answers might lie under the rocks left unturned. It is only when news starts spreading amongst those in power, of the mysterious Deli Platter, that The Leader of the Free Nations requests an Operation. Priority #1: Find every bit of truth related to the Deli Platter.

Operation: Deli Platter

Rating: 16+
Runtime: 12 min
Release Date: TBA, 2023
Genre: Action, Thriller

Directed By
Leonardo Verkoelen

Produced by
Leonardo Verkoelen

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Operation: Deli Platter

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