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A silver colt m1911 next to a a silver 9mm bullet in a dark cinematic environment from the short film Apple Rot.
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A red fresh apple next to a close up of the fruit sticker on the apple referring to the Genesis Orchard from a still from the short film Apple Rot.
A rotten apple on a wooden floor sitting in a pool of blood with dramatic horror lighting coming from the top from a still from the short film Apple Rot.
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Strange Dreams Keep You Hostage

APPLE ROT is an all-new, uncanny transcendental horror short film by Blauw Films, based on our deep rooted fears of home-invasion.

With global sales of apples increasing, all coming from the Genesis Orchard, strange dreams have plagued those who have eaten the fruit. Collectively we have come to call these events the Apple Rot. You and your girlfriend Eve have been suffering from these strange and supernatural experiences, letting otherworldly creatures into your subconscious.

Apple Rot

Rating: 16+
Runtime: 5 min
Release Date: TBA, 2024
Genre: Horror

Directed By
Leonardo Verkoelen

Produced by
Leonardo Verkoelen

The Team
Character Design - Charlotte Simons
Concept Art - Ab Wienk
Music - King Khamen
Creative Producer - Ekaterina Khutorskaya
Production Manager - Harry Rhys Williams

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