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01. Learn Online

Master project relevant skills and techniques used in your industry

When you’re learning something new, it’s difficult to know what to focus on first. We’ve curated our Learning material based on the obstacles we face in our productions. And we will tailor this information to your specific industry needs to help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

Learn skills from our Films

From creation to distribution and industry workflows for indie filmmakers, these classes will introduce you to the future of self-sustainable filmmaking. 




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Learn World-building and tell the stories you want to tell

Ready to start telling your own stories? In these classes, you’ll learn the thinking and systems behind building your own worlds and effectively communicating the stories within them.

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Learn the power of Open-Source in the Creative Industry

Together we can solve bigger problems and keep building on a strong foundation. Ask questions, access resources and help each other succeed in our open ecosystem. 

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Learn the Visualisation skills to make your Art come true

Learn how to achieve the level of visualisation your project deserves. Essential lighting concepts, advanced techniques for cinematic results and tips on rendering — we’ve got it covered for you!




02. Instructor-led Training

Our Productions provides you Training to level-up your skills

Cut your Development time of your project by accessing stress-tested solutions to your future obstacles.
Our Productions serve as continuous Research & Development opportunities.

Innovation made possible through World-building

With our stories we welcome challenges with an open-source approach. Stories that come from passion and personal commitment deliver the best results. Time and experience has proven this to be true. This allows us to spend additional resources on R&D to find innovations and solutions beyond our imagination. 

The same can be applied to you! We look at your production from the core creative to its business potential. We help you drive growth across Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution. 

Improving digital doubles of Earth for Syntactic Labyrinths

Three years ago we started production on our science-fiction short film, Syntactic Labyrinths. From the beginning we knew it would be a challenging project due to the need of high-fidelity space visuals. 

Rendering a photo-realistic version of planet Earth was essential for our story and required consistent effort in R&D. During the development process we’ve set up key partnerships with Chaos Corona, IBM and NASA to achieve the render quality we were after.

We created Earth Digital. And for the next year we will work on adding all features requested by our community and industry. 

A still from Syntactic Labyrinths of Earth


Blauw Films Consulting is the driving force behind your project’s transformative journey. We are about working openly and bringing together unique perspectives, experiences and talent to meet your project objectives. 

Our Consulting helps your production unlock its value faster. We have a collaborative, hands-on approach at the heart of our service. It is the intersection of business strategy, design, technology and innovation. 

Together we analyse the practices, develop the technologies and provide the expertise your project needs to thrive.


Evolve your project to serve its creative and business potential. Apply stress-tested solutions to overcome roadblocks standing in the way of your ambitions. 


Make use of Blauw Films’ global talent who have experience using innovative ideas and technology to solve your production problems.


Increase productivity and creativity, while reducing costs and obstacles when you optimise with our tailor-made solutions. 

Growth Partner

Collaborate with an innovative team of artists, developers and researchers. We leverage the power of partnerships and unite our open ecosystem to increase your impact.

03. For Students and Educators

All Resources are 100% Free

Are you learning new things? Or are you teaching those willing to learn? 
We believe it's important to make industry knowledge always available for free.
This is the best way to ensure collective growth. — Ask questions, feel free to reach out and let's level-up together!

Valentin Borowczyk

Work by

Valentin Borowczyk

“The global film and video market size is expected to grow from $273.55 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8%.”
— The Business Research Company

Planet Earth rendered in the Blauw Films crystal material

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