Re-Linking Missing Textures in Cinema 4D

Troubleshooting common texturing errors

Published on
August 14, 2023
Syntactic Labyrinths

Oh no! Are your Textures Gone again?

This is a really common error that haunts the life of every CG Artist.
It can often happen when you are saving projects or are importing a variety of different assets.

Sometime textures just "lose" their directory.

In this tutorial we will look at using the Project Asset Inspector to re-link your textures.
And then we are going to look at a few different methods of reconnecting your textures seamlessly.

You can either connect all the missing textures at once.
Or you can select which textures you'd like to have relinked, directly from the Project Asset Inspector.

It honestly is one of the most life-saving menus to learn about in your CG Career :) 

Before I leave you to continue your journey — 
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Well, off you go! Good luck!

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