The Genesis Orchard in Apple Rot

Where does decadence come from?

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February 8, 2024

Apple Rot

The story of Apple Rot is a metaphor about our current economic system.
Purchasing power has drastically gone down over the past decades. And even worse —
the quality of produce has gone down all over the world. 

A declining graph of the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar since 1900 until 2020.

Buying an apple in 1900 for $1.00 is the equivalent of spending $32.00 today.

Rotten fruit is marketed as 

  • High-quality
  • Bio
  • Green
  • etc. 

The feeling of financial anxiety has been steadily growing amongst society. 

This anxiety and fear for the future has “numbed” people’s decision making abilities. 
People slowly accept worse conditions and lower their expectations.

Nowadays, paying the equivalent of $32.00 for a shitty apple is accepted.

The feeling of claustrophobia and constant financial anxiety is compared to the feeling of being robbed in your private space.

This leads us to Apple Rot…

In this story we explore the consequences of commercially stimulated decadence.
Expensive apples that are rotten to the core are sold to consumers all over the world by the Genesis Orchard. Not much is known about this orchard, except for the addictive nature of their low-quality produce. 

Once people buy from them once, they have exposed themselves to a new low.

Lows are addicting.
And they become a habit. 

A fruit sticker for the Genesis Orchard farm from the short film Apple Rot.

As their slogan states:

“The Guarantee is in the Flavour and Knowledge”

The Genesis Orchard invites their customers to learn more about the darkness within themselves.
Once eaten from the Apple Rot, strange dreams start haunting the customers of the Orchard.

Beings seem to have entered the comfort of your sleep. The darkness invites you to look deeper.
Both creatures welcomed by the Apple Rot personify the masses of those corrupted by the fruit.

There is not much more known about the Apple Rot or the Genesis Orchard.
More information will be updated as soon as it becomes available. 

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