Exploring the Darkness with Night Vision

The tunnels of the ocean bunker

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March 11, 2024

Operation: Deli Platter

Following the mysterious news of a global super-weapon, the Deli Platter, the Leader of the Free Nations sets out to be the first to take control of the situation. The Leaders personally ordered the creation of a top-secret special operations squad. This squad has the sole purpose of uncovering the mystery behind the Deli Platter and taking control of it before it reaches enemy hands.

Under the leadership of Captain John Wright, previously a success story during Operation: Cold Sugar, the Deli Squad was born. 

Industrial Espionage

The Deli Squad is composed of international talent from every corner of the Free Nations. 

After receiving all the proper introductions to gravity of this operation, the Deli Squad is sent out to investigate the first beacon of information they have surrounding the super-weapon.

The Deli Platter must have something to do with an underwater bunker network in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

At 17:30 on April 5th, 2025 the Deli Squad deployed from a small island in the middle of the ocean. They travel on a military boat across the ocean right before sunset. 

A reflective glass bunker peeks out of the ocean surface and is connected to a large-scale network of tunnels. One of these paths leads to an underwater control-room with further information about the Deli Platter. 

The Deli Squad switches to using night-vision goggles as they travel through the tunnels. 

After silently walking through multiple levels of tunnels at ever deeper depths, there is no sign of life.
However, there are several dead soldiers from enemy states. 

Made with Night-Vision setup for Chaos Corona

Captain John Wright stops to stare at a fallen soldier. Who has been here before? 

And has the Deli Platter been compromised?


The use of Night-Vision

Seeing in the dark is much easier with the aid of Infra-Red light sensors. Through the use of an optical light-intensifier such as a night-vision scope, the Deli Squad is able to flawlessly navigate through the dark tunnels of the glass bunker.
Creating this effect in the series however required a combination of a Chaos Corona camera setup and the use of compositing techniques in Adobe After Effects.

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Color and Noise overlay created with our Digital Noise Pack

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