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May 30, 2024

Blauw Films

Thank you to everyone who has been following Blauw Films developments!

Over the past 4 weeks of May 2024 we have continued development of Blauw Films in all areas from Productions, to Resources to the future of our IP.
In this video we cover all the major updates for May 2024.

Music by LM

Our Resources

Finally! All the Resources on the Store have been made completely Free. And they all include an MIT License.
We wish to empower creators all over the world by providing equal access to our production developments.

Without financial imbalances.

From the beginning of the production of Syntactic Labyrinths we realized how many unique problems would have to be solved.
And after speaking with many artists in different sectors of the industry, we learned that if you truly want to achieve the Desired effect, you have problems to solve too.

So how about we all collectively solve each other's problems? 

Through a problem-solving state of mind and an active attitude towards achieving Your Dream Project.
Think about it. If we all stop compromising for the end-result we dream of — and share all the developments publicly...

Then any other creator tackling a similar challenge will Build on what has been Built before.

Our Productions

There has been continuous progress on the productions of Syntactic Labyrinths, Operation: Deli Platter and Apple Rot.
Most of these updates will be shared throughout the months of June and July on the website and our socials.

An important update is that we've started releasing some of our experimental in-house short films.
These projects come from a place of pure expression and will range from surrealist cinema to experimenting with technique.

The first one we've shared is Two Farmers Saw a Sheep

The Website

If you're new to Blauw Films, welcome! You are enjoying an updated version of the website :) 

We are continuously improving the web-experience based on your feedback and our latest requirements.
There are still many adjustments we will be making to further improve the experience.

However, the latest updates include an all new Productions page to host all the different films, production related blogs and entertainment media.
This page will receive many updates in the next few months to truly become a central hub for all looking for fun and want to experience our original projects.
New productions have also been added to the Slate Room such as Immortalité and Heist Club.

Concept art for Immortalité by Robin Ecalard

We are also very proud to have included the Artist Spotlight page on the website!
Here we will be featuring interviews with the talented creators in our network.

All over the world there are talented artists with such a wide range of expertises and approaches.

Through the Artist Spotlights we wish to provide readers with the alternative perspectives and nuggets of value that will empower your creative journey.

Concept Art for Rocket Nation by Vicente Numpaque (Visit

Artwork by Joey Pool (Visit

Artwork by Dilruba Tayfun (Visit

Finally, we have added Utility pages to the website such as an IOR 3D Database.
For all creators working on a 3D project, like we have been, having easy and quick access to technical information such as Index of Refraction is invaluable for achieving photorealistic results.

I have personally been using the IOR 3D Database consistently in my 3D rendering process in Chaos Corona for Syntactic Labyrinths and Operation: Deli Platter.

Stay connected with Blauw Films! 
For the latest updates, breakdowns and exclusive content, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

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