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Short Film

This short film follows Dorogon, a young man who tries to find his place in a dystopian world where reproduction is at the center of civilization, and where there are hardly any women left. A condition that sees the triumph of animals over humans. He’s surrounded by his father and brother, who desperately wants to find females, sacrificing their humanity in order to reproduce and to carry on their heredity. They are nothing more than animals disguised as humans.The story begins when this squad of men finds a large group of women in a desert on a distant planet. They proceed to follow them.

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What is the goal of a Human being?

In this story, Dorogon struggles with primal urges in a dystopian world. His father and brother have abandoned their humanity in their desperate quest for reproduction and survival. Dorogon must choose between becoming like them or finding a new path.

As they follow a group of women across a desert on a distant planet, secrets emerge. Dorogon faces moral dilemmas that challenge his identity and humanity. The journey reveals harsh truths about survival, reproduction, and the thin line between human and beast, exploring what remains when civilization falls away.


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® 2022 Immortalité
Developed by Valentín Borowczyk and Robin Ecalard

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