The film productions and original IP logos for Blauw Films.


Blauw Films is developing original IP with the aim for licensing them to partners all around the world. We create unique characters that can be commercialised in various areas such as toys, games, stationary, food packages, and clothes. We make sure to meet the needs of our customers who wish to engage with our characters through utmost quality and a deep understanding of our story-worlds.

The beauty of characters is that they build everlasting memories.The more you get to know your favourite characters from an original IP, the more they are welcomed into your heart. With time characters can teach you life lessons and give you experiences only possible through the stories they live. 

Characters that are friendly and provide a deep connection with people are not only great for commercialisation into goods but can also be actively involved in campaigns, sales promotions, PR activities of private corporations, and government and municipal offices.