2 Farmers saw a Sheep

An epistemological question

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June 4, 2024

Blauw Films

The creation of experimental short films is an important process for all filmmakers. Here we can express those ideas that are not bound to traditional narratives, styles or concepts.
An experimental short film is a great way to explore ideas and techniques that you have in mind and want to get out onto the screen.

2 Farmers saw a Sheep is one of those films.

The Epistemology

This experimental film covers an epistemological question of whether a character has knowledge or simply a belief.
What was it they really saw? 

From the start of the film I wanted to present the audience with a conundrum.

If two farmers saw a sheep and the question questions that reality, where is the lie? 

In fact, the act of lying becomes a central message I wanted to explore in this film.
When one truly believes in their truth but is made aware of their mistake, is correcting your mistake with another lie a sin? 

The thin line between knowledge and belief exists everywhere throughout the film.
With the opening statement as an additional example of this so called Gettier problem:

A still from 2 Farmers saw a Sheep, an experimental short film by Blauw Films.

We merely believe this to be a grain of salt.
The film should be viewed with a grain of salt hinting at the unreliable nature of what is to come.
However, does merely our belief in having provided you with a grain of salt grant you a safe viewing experience? 

Is there true justified knowledge present anywhere in 2 Farmers saw a Sheep? 

These are the questions that I wished to explore with this film.
Below is a simplified example of a "Sheep in the Field" - Gettier problem: 

A gettier problem of sheep in a field.
"Sheep in the Field" - Gettier problem

The film was part of a collaborative challenge between friends.
During the final stretch of the Pandemic's Lockdown we decided to each make a short film using exclusively Creative Commons material.
From the three short films that I made in the span of a few days, 2 Farmers Saw a Sheep stuck with me.

We will soon release a second short film made during the same session.
This one is called The Sphere and was created by Erick Alcaraz.

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