Birds watching from the Sky

Surveillance at every step

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March 11, 2024

Operation: Deli Platter

Around 17:30 on April 5th, 2025 the Free Nations sent out two fighter jets to scout the Pacific ocean. The Deli Squad has been away for longer than expected by both the Leader and the General.
And to ensure the safekeeping of their precious asset, the Deli Platter backup disk, two F-16s will act as surveillance from the sky. 

It can be rough out there

In case of trouble, they will be the first to provide military support. The Winged Forces are the aviation institution supported by the Free Nations set out to preserve peace and global security from the air.
And with the aid of high-tech machinery provided to them by the Toy Factory. 

The Deli Squad can rest assured that the birds watching them from the sky have the might of the Free Nations behind them.

Above the Clouds, Under the Stars

For this entire sequence we're dealing with shots above the clouds. This is meant either using fully generated cloudscapes in CG or utilizing plates of cloud photography taken from a plane.
Luckily we have exactly those assets as a part of our Complete Clouds Pack in our Resources developed for Operation: Deli Platter.

And finally to achieve the realistic star fields in the night sky we made use of Star System, our high-dynamic range star assets that were developed for Syntactic Labyrinths.

It is always fantastic to be able to cross-over the valuable Resources from one production to the next .

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