Apple Rot - Original Soundtrack

Sounds of Strange Sleep

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June 19, 2024

Apple Rot

As part of a set of two sides of sleep sounds, dreams and nightmares, this is the dark side of the Apple Rot - Original Soundtrack.
Apple Rot is an experimental horror short film by Blauw Films. It tells the story of a man and a woman who are having strange dreams of burglars entering their home.
It all started after the consumption of a peculiar brand of apples that come from the Genesis Orchard.

The Original Soundtrack is composed and performed by King Khamen.
After the release of the Apple Rot short film we will be looking at a physical release of the Soundtrack for fans who want to invite the dark sleep into their home.


00:00 I: Uno
03:31 II: Dos
07:07 III: Tres

Apple Rot character painting by Charlotte Simons

As strange dreams are invited into your precious sleep the lines between reality and imagination blur into a complete fog.
Is it just you or has life become continuously more nightmarish since you’ve started eating a particular brand of apples?

Cover Art by Leonardo Verkoelen
Rendered in Cinema 4D with Chaos Corona

Listen to the music by King Khamen on Spotify or Soundcloud

Character concept art by Ab Wienk

The album's release date is currently still to be determined, although we are shooting for a 2025 release.
The pricing is also still to be determined. More information will be made available later.

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