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June 30, 2024

Blauw Films

Thank you to everyone who has been following Blauw Films developments!

Over the past 4 weeks of June 2024 we have continued development of Blauw Films in all areas from Productions, to Resources to the future of our IP.
In this video we cover all the major updates for June 2024.

Music by LM

Our Productions

In the month of June we have focused most of our IP Development efforts on Syntactic Labyrinths, Operation: Deli Platter and Heist Club.

For Syntactic Labyrinths we have been working hard on a new teaser trailer. The last time we released a teaser trailer for it we were working on Corona Renderer 5.
Since then there have been many improvements on all fronts of technology. And with updates of all of our Resources we're well on track to create Syntactic Labyrinths like we imagine it to be.

We're also excited to announce that the world of Syntactic Labyrinths has been expanding well beyond the limits of the short film.

Harry Williams has written several short stories set in the same universe.
We will soon share these two stories on the Syntactic Labyrinths productions page.

"The Last Child of Babel" and "The Last Will and Testament of You" explore life in the Settlement of Babylonia and the thoughts of THINKER & RECEIVER.

Storyboards from Syntactic Labyrinths

When it comes to Operation: Deli Platter we've been focusing hard on developing the world around our main characters. And you know what's fun? 
We've been working out a Database of Information. Similar to a wiki, this database will include all the unique character profiles, locations and items featured in Operation: Deli Platter.

The complicated aspect of developing an episodical series is that the connective tissue needs to be rock solid.
Luckily we are working with co-author Michael Wood who is incredibly savvy with complex narratives. The world of Operation: Deli Platter is riddled with conspiracies at every level of the governmental hierarchy.

By the end of this month we are aiming to have a world-map designed that clearly defines the Free Nations, the One State, Afri Proxica and Nova Antarctica.
The characters of Operation: Deli Platter are also in development by artist Marco Moura. Soon we'll share all the character portraits. From there we will be working on the 3D-assets that are animation-ready.

Two portraits of Pedro Gomez and Captain Jon Wright from Operation: Deli Platter by Blauw Films designed by Marco Moura.
Pedro Gomez and Captain Jon Wright by Marco Moura

Finally, we're extremely excited to have officially published the production page for Heist Club!
This is an original animated series that we have been working on in the background for about two years now. The project hadn't left the conceptual phase in our heads until recently.
We decided it was time. It was time to take all the ideas that had naturally evolved and solidify the world of Heist Club.

Currently Charlotte Simons has been working almost full-time on developing the characters and costumes.
The next step will be similar to that of Deli Plater. We'll be working on creating the animation-ready character models.

Specifically for Heist Club we've also been working on fashion-based merchandise items. So be sure to stay informed on that too :) 

Mina, Dust and Prisma from Heist Club pencil drawing by Charlotte Simons for Blauw Films.

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