Free Download: 3D T-shirt Mockup Template

Basic T-shirt for product visualisation and character design.

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March 18, 2024

Blauw Films

Having a high quality, basic 3D T-shirt mockup is useful for a multitude of applications. 

Blauw Films is making this free tee available for creators working with Marvelous Designer, Blender, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine or any other 3D software. 

This 3D Mockup of a white T-shirt features a realistic crew-neck collar design, with seam and stitching details. 

The pattern of this T-shirt creates a loose-fit design. 

Close-up of the shoulder and collar details of the 3D Mockup White Tee

Create realistic 3D T-shirt mockups with this Fresh White Tee. 

  • Add animation 
  • Add custom print 
  • Cotton PBR materials included
  • Render in any 3D software

This Basic T-shirt is built natively for Marvelous Designer and CLO3D. 
When opening the T-shirt mockup inside any of these software, the user can adjust the pattern and fit the T-shirt on any custom Avatar of choice. 
A cloth animation for the T-shirt can also be created, which can easily be exported as FBX. 

The user can also directly import the Fresh White Tee FBX file into any 3D software of choice.
Use the UV layout to add any design or graphic of choice.
Apply your design of choice onto the UV layout, and export the layout as .png or .jpg. 

3D Mockup White Tee with a variety of prints.

The exported textures can be applied on the 3D t-shirt in texturing software such as Substance Painter, or in any 3D software of choice. 

For product visualisation or character design; Fresh White Tee is the perfect basic T-shirt. 

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Reading List


  1. Marvelous Designer — Marvelous Designer Free Trial
  2. Blender — Blender Free Download
  3. Cinema 4D — Maxon
  4. Unreal Engine — Download Instructions
  5. Substance Painter — Adobe


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