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June 29, 2024

Heist Club

What an incredible feeling to be sharing a teaser introducing Heist Club to the public.
This production is an animated series that follows the life of 7 eccentric art thieves who call themselves the Heist Club.

We have now officially started pre-production with Character Development in full-force.
Costume and character designer Charlotte Simons is actively designing each of the key members of the show.

In Pre-Production

The complete first season of Heist Club is officially in pre-production. What does that mean? Who is involved?
Currently the story has been outlined to be a 12-episode animated series rendered in full 3D.

The exact details will be discussed in the coming months and are most likely going to be changing.
However, we're currently outlining the storylines per episode. There have not been made any announcements yet as of who is involved other than the core of Blauw Films.

I, Leonardo Verkoelen, will personally be involved to direct and guide the production.
On character design and story development, Charlotte Simons is dedicating her full attention.
And also working on the story of Heist Club is writer Harry Williams.

Further details are still mostly unknown. Or at least still too flexible to share :) 

So I will leave you with the following character portraits and artworks: 

Two pencil portrait sketches of Ekster and Åke from Heist Club designed by Charlotte Simons for Blauw Films.
Ekster "The Curator" and Åke "The Tactic"

Five pencil portrait sketches of Mina, Max, Driver, Dust and Prisma from Heist Club designed by Charlotte Simons for Blauw Films.
Mina "The Striker", Max "The Marksman", Dust "The Spotter", Driver "The Driver" and Prisma "The Wrangler"

The members of Heist Club have met over the years due to their complementary skillsets. Each member is essential to the success of an art-heist.
And success is what they all count on. Led by Ekster "The Curator" the club aims to free historical artifacts from their museum imprisonment to bring them back into societal circulation.

But not without taking their financial cut in the process...

The stories that these characters will go through are honestly so exciting! 
You can all count on deep connections between the characters and action-packed high stakes missions!

A pencil drawing of Mina, Dust and Prisma reading a museum catalog. Characters from Heist Club by Blauw Films designed by Charlotte Simons.
Mina, Dust and Prisma figuring out the museum catalog

A pencil drawing of Åke from Heist Club designed by Charlotte Simons for Blauw Films.
Åke Åkerman taking time to think...

The characters of Heist Club are currently being developed together with their world-building components.
From original brands that are adorned by the characters in the world, to setting up partnerships with real-world brands for the series, there are many areas in which the Heist Club production will evolve in the following months.

A newspaper cover of The West Globe, a newspaper from the world of Heist Club, talking about Millions Lost - Art Theft Strikes Again.
Heist Club causing real trouble in the West-European Megalopolis

We will be sharing as much as we can very very soon. From concept art and world-building to character models and animation tests.
This production will require lots of Research and Development in key areas we're not covering in our other productions.

Hope to have you as a part of the Heist Club community! :)

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