Building Worlds - Document

A guide to create a solid foundation for storytelling

This in-depth document covers all essential elements of worldbuilding and storytelling. 

This PDF is optimised for World Building.

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Build Worlds

Dig deeper and create comprehensive worlds for character and stories to live in. 

This Building Worlds Document provides the tools to kickstart the creative process of worldbuilding complicated settings such as fantasy and science-fiction stories.

Tell Stories

Follow the simple steps and questions asked to gain insights and accelerate the creative process. 

Learn and know exactly what builds engaging stories and worlds. 

World-building is an incredible skill to have as a storyteller. In this advanced world-building template you will find a list of assignments and questions to ask yourself while creating your story. Filmmakers, screenwriters and storytellers can use this introductory document to help you create believable worlds for your story. Understand everything from story structure, to plot holes and magic systems.

® 2024 Blauw Films
® 2024 Building Worlds
Developed by Blauw Films

The process of storytelling and world-building requires diverse skillsets that one should always be improving on. World-building in particular is a skillset that's far more common in today's media industry.
Having a good understanding of all concepts behind creating a strong and believable world is somewhat of a superpower for creators and storytellers. For this reason we continue development of Building Worlds.

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