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April 23, 2024

Blauw Films

Whether you are at the start or right at the end of your creative process, it's important to consider how you will monetize your project.
Art has inherent value that's either cognitive, aesthetic or moral. And there is always a monetization strategy that aligns with your project's values.

Understanding the Game

There are many people who want to make a film, animation or game.
But there is only a tiny percentage of those people who actually get through pre-production. Let’s focus on filmmaking for example. 

Before you can start actually making your film you need to tackle lots of challenges such as lack of funds, lack of equipment or team, and lack of resources. Due to a lack of knowledge about the exact scope of your project you could spend countless months applying to funds or investment opportunities, or even burn through the money of your friends and family. But that’s not the worst part really.

We are artists, we can fight through the lack of funds to make our vision a reality.

However, a lack of access to the right equipment or the right team can often be the final blow that stops you from achieving your dream outcome.
Ambitious ideas require you to set yourself up for success.

And not all equipment and crew members will be up for the task. 
Sometimes you have a cog that just simply doesn’t fit well.

Ask yourself what problem solving talent you require with whom you would feel at absolute ease that your project is evolving in the right direction. 

Then look at your resources. Your network, your access. Do you know who you can count on to realize your vision?

Each of these challenges when not tackled correctly, when approached without anticipation of future problems and without a framework for success, will in fact directly harm the development of your film production.
And where does this damage get directly reflected?

In your revenue and deliverables. 

I believe your project is built on a wonderful idea. 
And I believe the world is eager to see it in the form you desire to make it. 

And between that desired effect and today are a variety of unique challenges. 
Each of which can be resolved by setting your project up for pre-concept monetization and audience building.

Your film needs to grow into the direction that will best serve its future release and distribution opportunities.
Your film needs the leverage it deserves for when you are speaking to an investor, sales agent, distributor or even a potential partnership.

Imagine that next time when you’re asked about your project you can proudly say that it’s a profitable pre-concept film, and you are looking for the right partners to move it into the next stage. 

That’s an offer.

Example of how we approach our Productions

Think of your independent art as a Cultural Asset that will continue to generate interest for multiple years to come.

Then think of how you would like your audience to interact with the art. Write this down.

Every interaction is a touch-point with your project.
Use the touch-points as a guide for defining your cash-generating units (CGUs).

A cash-generating unit is the smallest identifiable group of assets that generates cash inflows from continuing use and is largely independent of the cash inflows from other assets or groups of assets.

Build up your statistics — they will be your leverage.

To close this post I'd like to leave with two short videos that introduce several concepts surrounding monetizing your short film.
We were in the process of making the remaining parts of this video series. However we got quite busy with the Productions which left us little time to make quality videos.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out though. And if you enjoy these videos and would like us to finish the series, please leave a comment on them :) 
I'd be happy to see these videos reach the people who find most value in them.

Download The Sustainable Filmmaking Manual from our Resources page

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