The Sustainable Filmmaker Manual

A guide to create a solid foundation for independent filmmaking

This printable document outlines all elements needed to make a film production profitable and self-sustainable.

This PDF is optimised for Independent film production.

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Flip the Script

Give your film a healthy life cycle with The Sustainable Filmmaker Manual. 

The Blauw Films mission is to democratise ideas around sustainable filmmaking, and to make independent filmmaking achievable for every creator. 

Learn how to prepare for the challenges of the creative economy in 10 simple chapters.
Professionalise the filmmaking process and produce independent films with partners, audience, distribution and return of investment in mind from the very beginning. 

Maximise Opportunity

Prepare for the most common challenges of the independent film production process by seriously considering the elements outlined in this document. 

Purchasers of this document will have a leg-up in the film production process over others, who don’t consider revenue streams and sustainable production practices.

For independent filmmakers it is essential to be prepared for your film production. With the Sustainable Filmmaker Manual you will learn about every aspect of setting up your project for success. Follow the lessons in this document to sustain the development of your film from pre-production all the way to distribution.

® 2024 Blauw Films
® 2024 The Sustainable Filmmaker Manual
Developed by Blauw Films

Film production can be an incredibly challenging venture. We all come from different backgrounds and have to rely on our strengths to make the most impact.
It is however important to remember the sustainable process of making art. With this manual we wish to inform you of the common challenges that you want to be prepared for.

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