The Deli Squad

A Group Picture to Remember

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March 11, 2024

Operation: Deli Platter

After being deployed on a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean, the Deli Squad was finally together for the first time. Each of them has been specially trained and selected for the discovery, extraction and protection of the mysterious Deli Platter super-weapon. 

This is the beginning of Operation: Deli Platter

The Deli Squad is composed of elite soldiers from across the Free Nations.
Not much is known about them as of yet other than the following information: 

The Characters

Pedro Gomez

Born in Catalonia in 1984, Pedro had a troubled upbringing. His parents were poor but hardworking. Pedro lived on a farm surrounded by vineyards. The endless landscape has fuelled Pedro’s adventurous nature. Christianity was an important part of Pedro’s formative years. His mother even looked like the virgin Maria. Pedro has always loved his parents and wanted the best for them. Entering the military was a smart move for Pedro as it guaranteed his parent’s financial stability. However, it also opened Pandora’s box.

Previously part of the GOE (Grupos de Operations Especiales) in Spain. Pedro was a respected officer, quickly working his way up the ranks due to his ability to follow orders and only shoot when necessary. After leading multiple squads to safety with little to no casualties, Pedro caught the attention of the Free Nations. He was enlisted by The General into a special Task-force loyal only to The Leader.

Pedro has been an essential cog in the modern society machine and he fights to protect the Moral Code.

Recently Pedro has been placed in a new squad, the Deli Squad. Their data has been erased from public consciousness. He has been placed under the command of the acclaimed Captain John Wright. And he has been assigned to Operation: Deli Platter.

Nathaniel Haviv

Born in Tel Aviv in 1996, Nathaniel is the youngest member of the Deli Squad. He lived his childhood in the densely populated Bnei Brak municipality. Nathaniel has learned to love his country and religion. However, Nathaniel spent most of his time in the ocean. The more time he could spend away from people the better. The ocean was his true salvation.

Nathaniel always had a great relation with his sister, Noa. Together they dreamt of exploring the world and finding out what exists beyond the horizon. This dream has led both of them into the military. Nathaniel quickly developed a great ability as a sharpshooter, hitting distant shots from moving vehicles. It became obvious to the Israeli army that Nathaniel had great potential as a supportive officer on international missions.

Nathaniel realised his dream and travelled all over the world. He has not been involved in the Israel-Palestine war as he was enlisted in covert operation in the modern Soviet Union. He still keeps a close relation to his sister Noa, who works as a data analyst at the Israel secret service, Sayeret Matkal.

During a visit of The General at the Sayeret Matkal office, Noa had the opportunity of recommending her brother to him.
This led to Nathaniel being enlisted into the Deli Squad training program. Operation: Deli Platter is his first official mission with the squad.

Omar Karim

Born in the rural area of Egypt in 1992, Omar had a very tough childhood. His father had been murdered by a local gang over late payments when he was 4. This left Omar to take care of his mother. Things only got worse when his mother caught a pulmonary infection and died when he was 7 years old.

This changed Omar. He travelled across the country by himself, successfully defending himself from poachers and predators. A positive change came when Omar at 8 years old met a family who took him in. He now had a new family with two step-brothers. His step-parents were loving and made Omar see the beauty of the world. This fuelled his drive to protect what’s dear to him no matter what the cost.

To earn money Omar joined his step-brothers in their hustle, hacking international credit-card companies. Before he knew he had joined a gang and was learning to be incredibly powerful with technology. When his oldest step-brother was caught with credit-card fraud and was sentenced to jail, Omar knew it was time to find another way to make a living.

He joined the Egyptian army. He was a good shot, but his superiors quickly noticed his greater ability at using the computer. This led Omar to have a stable office job at the Egyptian army for years. He has been involved in implementing a variety of innovative technologies into the army.

The General of the Free Nations noticed the fast technological growth in the Arabic military and started mass-acquiring talent for their own military. Omar was one of 100 IT-Specialists enlisted in the army of the Free Nations. Omar successfully optimised their tech pipeline, which made him the top-of-mind officer for Captain John Wright. Omar is the only Deli Squad officer to have previously worked with Captain John before joining the Deli Squad.

This meant he joined the team through a letter of recommendation from Captain John.
The General had his doubts about Omar’s effectiveness in the field but ended up giving the approval.

Philipe Beaulieu

Born in 1983 in Belgium, Philipe is an orphan raised in a variety of orphanages. Philipe always had an interest in military games and stories. Espionage was his favourite genre of books. Philipe knew, he wanted to be a soldier. Little did he know where his journey would lead him.

Philipe travelled the world as a backpacker and learned about different perspectives from people. He was deeply touched by the struggles in the world and understood the difference he wanted to make as a soldier. His journey in the Belgium military was different from that of most officers. Philipe was smart, good looking and an effective spokesperson.

When he wasn’t training, Philipe was representing the European affairs.
He became well connected to members of the Toy Factory and the Board of Health.

After years of being a highly trained socialite, Philipe received an offer he couldn’t refuse. Join the Special Forces Group as a spy.

This allowed Philipe to directly feel the impact he was having on reshaping the world. Philipe loved seeing the world become a better place.
His impact was greatly appreciated by The Leader who personally asked The General to enlist Philipe into the newly founded Deli Squad.

Captain John Wright

Born in 1976 in Essex, Jon Wright had a stellar upbringing. Even though his father was an alcoholic, he managed to avoid much of the childhood trauma. John was interested in reading and playing outside. Going to the military was a natural direction to follow after recommendation from his P.E. tutors.

John showed traits of leadership at an early stage of his military career. He completed training effectively and supported his peers to help them achieve the impossible. John was quickly enlisted as an officer in a variety of NATO conflicts. Thanks to John all soldiers returned home without casualties.

These actions awarded John an honorary medal.

His career was bright. He was made Captain.

Captain John continued his streak of effectively leading his squad to safety. This allowed John to catch the attention of the Crown.

John was made Captain of Covert operations at the SAS. After years of having no casualties on his name, John gained the reputation he deserved.
He caught the attention of The General of the Free Nations after his successful missions during Operation: Cold Sugar.

The General was working on a special task force to serve The Leader and protect the Moral Code.
Now Captain John Wright is assigned to Operation: Deli Platter.

Captain John Wright is taking the picture

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