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March 8, 2024

Blauw Films

Thank you so much for being a part of our community!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website!

This will become the main hub designed to bring all of our original IP and entertainment products directly to you.
We're happy and we hope you're happy too! It represents an important step for us towards our mission to innovate and open the film industry through open-source and direct to audience distribution.

For years we've been working on our original productions with the forever goal of staying independent while creating the projects we are personally passionate about.

We believe in the tremendous power of open-source and creative collaboration.
And we look at the entirety of the creative film industry through the perspective of imaginative dreams.
A concept we follow internally to understand the alignment of our creativity with the expression of art is Liquid vs. Solid Cinema.

Liquid Cinema and Solid Cinema

The art of cinema embodies a fascinating duality. It's a combination of intangible emotions and creativity, and the tangible craftsmanship of production.
We have bene using the terms Liquid Cinema and Solid Cinema. These terms capture the essence of how we approach filmmaking, balancing the intangible waves of creativity with the concrete elements of production.

The Ecosystem Platform

As we are building our original IP, we want to take control over the fundamental aspects of distribution.
We believe it's our duty, as the ones who best understand our own IP, to deliver the IP and its media products to you directly.

For this reason the Blauw Films website is more than a portfolio of our work.
With time we will expand into an end-to-end Ecosystem.

With a Solution-Driven Approach

We also want creators worldwide to have the ability to access the right Network, Resources, Knowledge and Sustainable Financing for their productions.
For this reason we're building out an extension of Blauw Films that is an open-source repository for all creators, executives and distributors — Blauw Portal.

This is still in early development and you can already showcase your interest by signing up for the Portal early access.
Our developers are working hard on realizing the MVP.

What’s Next?

As we celebrate the launch of our new website, we’re also looking ahead to the exciting projects on the horizon.
With Syntactic Labyrinths, Operation: Deli Platter and Apple Rot moving ahead in full force, we can't wait to share you new trailers, stills and products! 
And with our more recent productions such as Heist Club, Immortalité, The Monk and the Dragon and The Hunt making leaps of progress behind the scenes, it's a battle with ourselves in how we will give each IP the space and attention they deserve. That's the future we will be improving.

We’re also continuously improving our platform, adding new features and content to enhance your experience. Thank you and I'll see you soon! 

Stay connected with Blauw Films! 
For the latest updates, breakdowns and exclusive content, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

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