Star System

Create starry skies in 3D renders and night scenes

Gain creative control over the density, brightness and colour of your stars.

These 32-BIT image assets are optimised for Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema 4D.

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Access to future updates
Access to future updates

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License Information: For 1 user.
License Information: For 2 - 9 users.
License Information: For 10+ users.
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Leonardo Verkoelen
Leonardo Verkoelen
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MIT License
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Included files

600+ Single Stars (.png)

8K HDRI Maps (.exr)

105 HDR Starfields (.exr)

Glaring Stars (.exr)

Made for Realism
High fidelity textures

Stress Tested
Based on R&D

Customisable Preset
For full control

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Create realistic Starfields

The Starfields assets were created with real NASA star photographs. 

Avoid flickering, low-resolution stars with 32-BIT stars. 32-BIT star assets are essential to create realistic starry night skies that hold up in both dark and bright camera settings. 

Each star has a subtle difference in colour, shape and brightness. They will give personality, naturalism and depth to the stars in the shot or scene.

Design the shot

Starfields allows for full art-direction and creative control of starry night and space shots.

Composite Single Star assets to build a starry night from scratch. For quick and easy compositing, 2 8K HDRI Maps and 112 Backplates were created. 

The Star System assets are suitable for both the 3D rendering and the VFX Compositing workflow. 

Star System consists of High Dynamic Range HDR star assets. For sky replacement VFX and space CGI, Star System gives you a wide range of customisation. Art Direct the colour, density and brightness of your starry nights. Star System is optimised for After Effects, Photoshop and any 3D rendering software. Easily use Star System for the CGI and compositing workflow and speed up your workflow with premade HDRI maps.

® 2021 Syntactic Labyrinths
® 2021 Star System
Developed by Blauw Films

Because of the ongoing Research & Development of our original production Syntactic Labyrinths, we have been able to cover an industry need that is often overlooked. We have found diverse use-cases for our stars and continue to find new ones. We are continuing work with our partners and collaborators to improve Star System to meet your new standards. 

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