Complete Clouds Pack

A collection of high-resolution Cloud images

The images are organised by time of day and location.
Use Cloud assets to composite skies into your footage or 3D renders.

This Clouds Archive contains high-resolution images.

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Access to future updates

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License Information: For 1 user.
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Leonardo Verkoelen
Leonardo Verkoelen
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MIT License
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Included files

800+ Clouds (.CR2)

800+ Clouds (.jpg)

Daytimes and Weather
For realistic enhancements

For Creators
Focus on artistic control

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Full Creative Control

Level-up your matte-paintings with real cloud image assets. 

This asset package holds 800+ high-resolution images of clouds.
Files are organised by location and time of day. Consistent naming convention makes it easy to find assets.

The Complete Clouds Pack holds a high variety of cloud assets, such as Snowy Clouds, Tropical Clouds with various sunsets, Overcast and Thunder Clouds, Clear Skies from every time of day and even Skyline Clouds taken from an airplane. 

Quickly colour correct the images with the flexibility of RAW image data.
Each file includes Meta-data with information such as the focal length and shutter-speed.

Choosing the right image is a great starting point to ensure a seamless blend with renders and sky-replacement.

Create the sky

Use The Complete Clouds Pack for professional sky replacements in the compositing workflow. 
Use single clouds to composite custom cloudy skies, or use the assets as drag-and-drop backplates.

The Clouds are also great reference and photobash assets for animators and concept artists. 

Create and composite photo-realistic matte-paintings for your skies with the clouds pack. Over 800 RAW assets from dark storm clouds to fluffy clouds. Level-up your matte-painting, concept art and sky-replacement vfx or use them for projection mapping in your 3d render. You can use clouds pack in a compositor such as After Effects or Nuke as well as in any 3D renderer you like.

® 2022 Operation: Deli Platter
® 2020 Complete Clouds Pack
Developed by Blauw Films

Because of the ongoing Research & Development of our original production Operation: Deli Platter, we have continued development of the Complete Clouds in diverse expansions. For the project we needed to accentuate different weather conditions. Tropical Clouds and Snowy Clouds have been added due to our project requirements. Thanks to your invaluable feedback we continue to optimise the collection for industry requirements. We are continuing work with our partners and collaborators to improve Complete Clouds to meet your new standards. 

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