Digital Camera Noise

Leonardo Verkoelen and George O'Reilly

$ 40.00 


This product includes a collection of Video Overlays and an After Effects Project File

After Effects File optimization.

  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Noise .mov (ISO's available: 160 -3200)
  • Sony A7SII Noise .mov
  • Digital Fireflies .mov
  • Grain Control .aep

Formats: .mov and .aep

Do You want to Remove that CG Render Look? 
Are you Compositing VFX on Digitally shot footage? 
Explore the different ISO's included and Level Up your work! 

When compositing it's important to match the grain or noise pattern on your vfx assets with the backplate. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is a great camera that gets used more and more recently. Want to be prepared for compositing? We got you :)

Using digital noise to match your vfx noise amount is made even easier with this pack! Every ISO has been captured in a separate file for easy access. But don't limit yourself to using it for its main utility! Personally, I've been using the noise patterns as an aesthetic choice. Digital noise has a different feel to it when compared to film grain. The R, G, B flicker used to be something you want to avoid at any cost, but the fine granular detail of the Blackmagic Noise gives footage so much personality!

This pack contains Pro Res 4444 overlays that have been calibrated to 50% gray. You choose the ISO you want to use (which is related to the strength of the noise) and set the blending mode to "Soft Light". And that's it! You can always add additional color correction to your noise layer to get it just right :)

Also, Thank you to George O'Reilly for capturing the footage for me!


  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Noise .mov (ISO's available: 160 -3200)
  • Sony A7SII Noise .mov
  • Digital Fireflies .mov
  • Grain Control .aep
  • How to use readme .txt


  • These assets can be used inside of any 2D Compositing software

Feedback, Questions & Updates

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License Info

Commercial use of the Blackmagic Digital Noise Overlays are permitted but the assets themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as movies, video games, etc.

Release Notes

This release includes digital noise patterns from different cameras. With new ones being updated in the future.
The pack also includes the After Effects - Grain Control project file to easily apply the correct amount of grain/noise.
The license includes perpetual free updates.

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