Night Vision

A package of presets to create Night Vision

For the creation of customisable and cinematic Night Vision scenes.

These Cinema 4D and After Effects project files are optimised in combination with Chaos Corona.

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License Information: For 1 user.
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Leonardo Verkoelen
Leonardo Verkoelen
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Distance Based Intensity

Recreate a night vision effect on rendered imagery with Night Vision.

In order to achieve cinematic night vision, this camera set-up includes Distance Based Intensity, taking the distance of object to camera into consideration. The closer an object to the camera, the more visible it gets.

The combination of the Chaos Corona Cinema 4D Camera setup with the After Effects Compositing Presets provides all the tools needed to recreate and customise a realistic night vision effect. 

The main Z-depth effect is achieved with the Choas Corona camera presets.
The After Effects Compositing presets include additional textures to give the look of digitally processed night vision.

Ready to Go

For Cinema4D Chaos Corona and After Effect users who want to achieve a realistic Night Vision effect with rendered footage. 

The Distance-based intensity set-up of this Night Vision even holds up in moving shots, making it perfect for creators who are looking to shoot action and espionage scenes.

Our Night-Vision setup for Chaos Corona and Cinema 4D accelerates your workflow in creating realistic night vision effecsts. This preset consists of camera settings, a LUT setup and an After Effects project file for additional effects to achieve realistic night-vision.

® 2022 Operation: Deli Platter
® 2023 Night-Vision
Developed by Blauw Films

Developed for Operation: Deli Platter to replicate the night vision used by soldiers to see in the dark. Created to provide high quality immersion in the film. We continue improving it for future use cases, with additional functionality such as Thermal Vision.

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