The Graffiti Scrapbook

Leonardo Verkoelen and BRIKS

$ 60.00 


This product includes a collection of Image assets (5184x3456px)

100+ Graffiti Tags hand-painted for urban realism

  • Diffuse map
  • Alpha map

Formats: .jpg

This Hand-Painted Collection of 100+ Graffiti Tags brings a New Level of Realism to Your Urban Environments!

Have you noticed that most Graffiti Decals are not made by Graffiti artists? Together with artist BRIKS we solved this problem by bringing you The BRIKS Graffiti Scrapbook. Discover the 100+ easy to use decals  that will slap some well deserved value to your scenes!

Our love for Graffiti and Hip-Hop is deeply integrated into the contents of this pack.  When texturing your 3D-models, adding graffiti tags is one of the easiest ways of adding realism and weathering to your scene.

We created the Scrapbook to help intermediate and experienced 3D-artists who love creating Urban environments.


  • 100+ Graffiti Tags Diffuse .jpg (5184x3456px)
  • 100+ Graffiti Tags Alpha .jpg (5184x3456px)
  • How to use readme .txt


  • These assets can be used in any Photo Editing Package.
  • The textures can be used in any 3D Package.


Licence Info

Commercial use of The BRIKS Graffiti Scrapbook are permitted but the assets themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as movies, video games, etc.

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