Bokeh Builder

Leonardo Verkoelen

$ 40.00 


This product includes an After Effects Project File for making aperture maps.

After Effects File optimization.

Texture Maps for organic bokeh and blurs.

Formats: .jpg and .aep

Transform your 3D renders and animations into stunning, photorealistic images with the Bokeh Builder. This versatile After Effects setup empowers you to control every aspect of your aperture maps, adding depth and personality to your work.

  • Preset Pre-Comps: Instantly access under-compensated, over-compensated, and balanced aperture map presets.
  • Grunge/Dust Control: Fine-tune the level of grunge and dust for a perfect touch of realism.
  • Chromatic Aberration Presets: Achieve striking visual effects with adjustable chromatic aberration.
  • Frame-Specific Aperture Maps: Customize aperture map shapes for every frame in your timeline effortlessly.

Why Choose the Bokeh Builder?

Using realistic bokeh maps, you'll breathe life into your 3D creations. Craft aperture maps that align with your project's unique vision, adding subtle realism into your blurred areas. Ideal for 3D artists, cinematographers, photographers transitioning to 3D, and professionals in Architectural Visualization, Visual Effects, Product Rendering, and Animation.

Proven Performance

The Bokeh Builder was first made for our short film Syntactic Labyrinths and has been instrumental in projects like Operation: Deli Platter. We've rigorously tested it to ensure clarity and minimal noise in your blurred regions. Our high-resolution bokeh maps deliver stunning results every time.

Simple Workflow

Designed for After Effects users, our plugin simplifies the process.
Just download the file, open the After Effects Project, and choose from a range of presets.
Adjust chromatic aberration, grunge, dust, and falloff layers to your liking.
When you're satisfied, export your customized aperture map as a .png or .jpg and apply it to your 3D application of choice.

Continuous Updates

Your support drives our innovation. We continuously enhance the Bokeh Builder based on your feedback. Enjoy free updates with each purchase, ensuring you always have access to the latest features.

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Unlock the Potential of Blurs

With the Bokeh Builder, you're in control. Start creating captivating, photorealistic renders today and experience the difference in your 3D projects!

Planet Earth rendered in the Blauw Films crystal material

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