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Building Worlds

Leonardo Verkoelen

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World-building and storytelling are intertwined so strongly, it's difficult to think of one without the other. Exploring micro-stories within your macro-narrative is not only a fun exercise but incredibly valuable for your IP development.

As a film director who mostly writes his own films I've developed this worksheet about world-building.
This is one of the most important aspects of screenwriting preparation. Once you have clearly understood your world and its timeline it's very easy to start developing the unique stories set in this universe. Also, if you're stuck with one of the screenplays you're working on this could be the right tool to re-align your vision with the desired outcome. Cheers, Leo


  • Building Worlds - Worksheet .pdf


  • Any .pdf reader will be able to open this.


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Commercial use of the Building Worlds Worksheet is permitted but the assets themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as movies, video games, etc.

Release Notes

The release has changed a few of the assignments to make them easier to understand :)

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