Digital Screen Diodes

A package of assets to make digital monitors with RGB split

Use it to give a realistic look to screen replacements and 3D rendered screens. 

This Package contains image assets and After Effects project file for Screen replacements.

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Access to future updates
Access to future updates

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License Information: For 1 user.
License Information: For 2 - 9 users.
License Information: For 10+ users.
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Made for Realism
High fidelity textures

Customisable Preset
For full control

Optimised File
Production ready

Developed by
Leonardo Verkoelen
Leonardo Verkoelen
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MIT License
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255 MB
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Included files

After Effects Setup (.aep)

RGB Diodes (.jpg)

60Hz Overlay (.mp4 & .mov)

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Create Digital Sceens

This product package includes an After Effects Project File and Image Assets. 

Have full creative control over the look, density and size of the diodes with an easy-to-use After Effects set-up. Each diode has been designed after real RGB diodes. 

For quick and easy compositing, ready-made RGB Screen overlays are included. 

Diodes create moire patterns directly in your render or composite.
Nothing screams realistic screen more than wavy patterns at different angles. Every diode shape creates different moire patterns.

Creative Control

Digital Diodes is for those who want full creative control over digital screen replacements and composites. 

Avoid the flat-screen look of composited or 3D screens with the Digital Diodes.

Create realistic monitor screen replacement in vfx with our Digital Screen Diodes pack, allowing you to achieve authentic RGB diode separation and moire patterns, perfect for creating photo-realistic screens in your 3d renders. Use this is a 2D compositor such as After Effects or Nuke or take your realistic screen 3D renders to the next level by using it as alpha masks in your 3D renderer.

® 2021 Syntactic Labyrinths
® 2021 Screen Diodes
Developed by Blauw Films

Because of the ongoing Research & Development of our production Syntactic Labyrinths, we have been able to push the limits of digital screens in Visual Effects. From update 1.0 we have always built our file on customer feedback and industry requirements. We are continuing work with our partners and collaborators to improve Screen Diodes to meet your new standards.

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