Earth Digital

by Leonardo Verkoelen

$ 60.00 


This product includes a Cinema 4D Project File

C4D Native File with Chaos Corona optimization.

Earth & Moon Texture maps (64K, 43K & 32K)

2-Hour Video Guide to get you started with the setup.

Starfield Backplates 32-Bit .exr files

Wallpapers .jpg & .png

Formats: .c4d, .exr and .mp4

Explore your new home, Earth Digital!
You decide the fate of your planet.

Have you ever wanted full control over the look and feel of your Earth renders?

Developed for one of our productions, Syntactic Labyrinths.

Includes so many maps!

  • Diffuse
  • Roughness
  • Water Mask
  • Elevation
  • Vapor Density
  • Clouds
  • City Lights
  • Cloud Fraction
  • Ice Caps
  • Chlorophyl
  • Ozone Density
  • Bathymetry

The 2-hour video demo covers setting up your scene, rendering and compositing.

+ Bonus content which includes 32-Bit .exr NASA Stars and fresh Wallpapers for your enjoyment.

Render-times for 3D planet earth shots are incredibly time consuming.
Filmmakers often rely on a small collection of high quality stock footage.

Earth Digital is here to help making digital doubles of planet Earth in your 3D workflow.

Customising the time of day, the clouds and the environmental properties is not possible with stock footage.

Earth Digital has been developed over the past 2 years with love and attention to every detail.
This project file is the result of invaluable community input and passion for the creation of breathtaking space visuals.

Our texture maps have been quality tested for use in the VFX industry.

With 64K textures Earth Digital is perfect for your cinematic space renders.

Exploring space in your digital viewport allows for infinite flexibility. Let your imagination run wild.

I created the Earth Digital to help intermediate and experienced artists who love space.

I'm very excited to see all of your work using the Earth! Don't forget to share your results with us across social media! @_Blauwfilms


  • Earth Digital .c4d
  • Earth & Moon Texture Maps (64K, 43K & 32K)
  • 2-hour Tutorial Guide .mp4
  • Starfields Backplates .exr
  • Compositing Assets & Example files .exr
  • Wallpapers .png & .jpg
  • readme .txt


  • The project file is made for Cinema 4D.
  • The render set-up is made for Corona Renderer.
  • The textures can be used in any 3D Package.
  • The tutorial techniques can be applied in any 3D Package.

License Info

Commercial use of the Earth Project File are permitted but the assets themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as movies, video games, etc.

Planet Earth rendered in the Blauw Films crystal material

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