Earth Digital

A 3D Project File to make visuals of Earth

This data package is filled with useful folders.
It allows the user to make realistic renders of Earth.
Creators can confidently customise and render the planet as a plate, an animation or an HDRI.

This Cinema 4D setup is optimised for Chaos Corona and contains advanced texture maps.

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Access to future updates

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License Information: For 1 user.
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Developed by
Leonardo Verkoelen
Leonardo Verkoelen
License Type
MIT License
Download Size
24 GB
Version Update

Cinema 4D (.c4d) 

Chaos Corona (shaders)

Texture Maps (.tiff, .psb, .png)

Made for Realism
High fidelity textures

Stress Tested
Based on R&D

Customisable Preset
For full control

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Designed for Cinematic Rendering

To push realism to next level, Earth Digital includes several important maps.

These include an 86K Earth Diffuse map for high quality surface details.
As well as maps for achieving depth and naturalism such a Water Vapour Density map, Ozone Density map, Chlorophyll map and a Bathymetry map.

Together with a mathematically build Atmosphere shader, these texture maps give the best result for a 3D-planet render under any lighting condition.

When rendering Earth, it's important to have fine control over each map to help you with the result you are after.
This ranges from fine tuning the colour mixing to making bold changes in the fog and atmosphere layers.

Built for Creators

Are you an artist that wants to make realistic renders of Planet Earth?
If you are comfortable with Cinema 4D and Chaos Corona — this setup is for you!

If you want to render a still plate as a background asset, Earth Digital boosts your efficiency by having a setup that is already fine tuned for photorealistic results. 

If you want to render an animation, Earth Digital uses a mathematical setup for the Atmosphere and Color mixing to ensure great looking shots. 

If you want to render an HDRI or 360˚ shot, Earth Digital ensures the same quality all over the 3D planet so that you can place the camera anywhere you like. 

Warning: When working with heavy Texture Files you will notice a slowing down of your computer.
Make sure to have a strong system to for a flexible workflow.

Create photo-realistic CGI renders of planet Earth with Earth Digital. This 3D project file and 3D model for Cinema 4D and Chaos Corona lets you create advanced space VFX for film, game and commercial purposes. This product includes high quality texture maps up to 86K and uses NASA satellite images to give you the best assets for making space cinematography look cinematic. Earth Digital includes a physically accurate atmosphere. Learn how to render shots and scenes of space and planet Earth with ease and achieve Hollywood results.

® 2019 Syntactic Labyrinths
® 2021 Earth Digital
Developed by Blauw Films

Because of the ongoing Research & Development of our original production Syntactic Labyrinths, we have been able to push the limits of what 3D Earth project files can achieve. From update 1.0 to 3.0 we have always built our file on customer feedback and industry requirements. We are continuing work with our partners and collaborators to improve Earth Digital to meet your new standards. 

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