Pattern Drafter

Costume Department / Pattern Blocks

At the Costume Department of Blauw Films, we are working hard to establish Pattern Blocks.

We aspire to build a digital database of patterns, and use it to educate and inspire our creative community.

Our goal is to build a base set of .PDF patterns, that can be easily read and used by artists of all levels.

Personal Attributes & Requirements

  • Creative and collaborative
  • Practical knowledge about the pattern drafting workflow
  • Affinity with the game and entertainment industry
  • Problem solving state of mind
  • Not afraid to take a leap and try something new!

*New graduates are not required to meet the above qualification(s)
*If you are new to the industry, you do not have to meet all of the qualification(s), but please show us other qualities and/or abilities you may have instead.

Required Documents

  • Resume (with photo)
  • CV with relevant projects and activities you have been involved with, as well as your specific role/responsibilities
  • Pick 1 film you have recently seen that captured your interest — technologically or artistically speaking — and briefly state your reasonings
  • Pick 2 recent technical or artistic studies or related articles you have seen that you felt were meaningful –– and briefly state your reasonings

Employment Status

Full-time or Part-time Pattern Drafter


Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Nearest train station: Station Zuidplein) 
Or Remote, The World

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