Syntactic Labyrinths


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Short Film

After a devastating solar flare, mankind dedicates their final efforts to building The Library, the ultimate archive of our collective knowledge, which is sent into space towards the Andromeda Galaxy. It took 7 minutes for the rays of God to cross our barrier. The heavens opened, and the beams of light traveled our lands with scorching winds and roaring oceans. Those who survived shall find comfort only in each other, and know the true meaning of preservation.

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How Much Do We Really Know?

In this enigmatic narrative, we delve into a world where the collective knowledge of humanity has found its sanctuary aboard the Library, a spacecraft overseen by the supercomputers, THINKER & RECEIVER. As we cross the infinite, we embark on an odyssey of exploration, venturing into uncharted realms of the universe and unearthing discoveries that defy the boundaries of the known.


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