5 Lovely lessons on Business

Follow these rules.

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July 17, 2023

Blauw Films

Do your marketing while you’re busy

Opportunities take time to develop. If you want to offer true value to your clients it’s important to nurture your relationship.

  • Understand their needs.
  • Understand their wants.
  • Understand their dreams.

For these reasons it’s important to take your time before you’re ready to make a sale. To avoid dips in your work, make sure you’re marketing during your busy days.

Cannibalise your own sales

Release a better product on the market yourself.
At Blauw Films we focus on IP Development and Production R&D.

We are constantly cannibalising our sales by releasing updated R&D for our customers. This keeps your customers happy that you’re providing them the most up to date solution you have to offer.

It also keeps you ahead of the competition who is trying to imitate your previous business endeavour.

Targeting the safe middle-market is not a safe strategy

In the long run these strategies tend to lose against niche products.
Your customers usually have a specific problem.

You, probably have specific problems you encounter on a daily basis!

These are the problems that people value solutions for.
Problems considered part of the middle-market often have highly competitive solutions offered by multiple players.

That is not to say there are no business opportunities in the middle-market. Sure there is! It just requires a strategy that’s more quick on its feet.

Free is essential to a successful business model

I could go on for ages about just this topic.
Free products, services or knowledge can drastically change the game for your customers.

If you are able to make your customer more money by interacting with your Free components, you’ll have a very grateful customer.

Personally, I’m a big believer in Free education.
Raising the collective bar of your industry has many benefits:

  • Increasing your direct market size
  • Providing your customers with more money to spend
  • Educating your client to give you clearer feedback

Good sales-reps will talk a customer out of a bad decision

This somewhat ties in to the first point. If you’re able to protect your customer and nurture the relationship long-term, you’ll build trust.

And few things are more important in business than mutual trust.

Doing good business alone is possible.
But doing good business together opens the bright sky with possibilities.

Instead of forcing out a quick sale, focus on the true needs, wants and dreams of your customer. Help them get closer to that.
Then you’ll have done more for them than most other businesses try.

And that is a good foundation for a healthy and trustworthy relationship.

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