About Operation: Deli Platter

Has War really changed?

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March 8, 2024

Operation: Deli Platter

The world is filled with conspiracies that might in fact be more truthful than we might think. 

Operation: Deli Platter is an original IP by Blauw Films that covers these mysterious systems. 

Everywhere you look we are surrounded by infrastructures and information that is carefully tailored to facilitate long term plans. All to establish a new status quo for the puppet masters of our world to enjoy. 

Operation: Deli Platter is set in a not so distant future in which the West has unified into one state, the Free Nations. 

This sovereign mega-state has managed to live in peace and harmony for a few short decades.
But the fun is about to end. Mystery surrounding a super-weapon, the Deli Platter, is spreading amongst the elite. Could this be what destroys this state of peace? 

The Leader of the Free Nations sets up an elite team of special operatives, the Deli Squad, under the leadership of Captain Jon Wright to uncover the truth behind the Deli Platter. 

All while outside of the Free Nations the world is in a perpetual state of proxy wars and international trade for resources. 

Operation: Deli Platter is a 3D animated series that spans several episodes covering different aspects of this conspiracy filled mission. As of today we are in the process of character designing and asset development. It will be a long journey to create this project, but no matter how long it takes to complete, this is a story that needs to be told.

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