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Welcome to the Blauw Films Blog! Here we will share updates and write about the Behind the Scenes of our Productions. The art of cinema bridges many disciplines through the creative process. This blog continuously documents the many findings that inspire us. 

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The Power of Cloud compositing in CGI

July 9, 2023
3 min
Learn how to create photorealistic matte paintings for your naturalistic 3D renders. In these examples we will cover how we created the windmill scene in Cinema 4D and Chaos Corona and how we use raw cloud photographs and image assets to create realistic background paintings.

How we light CGI like Caravaggio

July 9, 2023
2 min
Learn lighting techniques from the Old Masters. In this entry of Lighting Mastery we take a look at Caravaggio, and learn about the lighting techniques behind Clair Obscure. Level up as a cinematographer or 3D lighting artist. Want to make your scenes and renders look like Caravaggio? This tutorial breaks down how to best recreate the lighting quality of Caravaggio paintings in photorealistic 3D rendering.

Reminiscing: Powertools by King Khamen

July 9, 2023
4 min
Learn how we made the grungy experimental music video for King Khamen Powertools using digital noise and vintage camera lenses. In this breakdown we cover the techniques used to create dynamic and expressive music videos for Hip Hop artists.

Let’s Make a Realistic Night Vision Effect

November 14, 2022
3 min
This breakdown covers the best techniques for making an accurate night-vision effect through compositing and rendering in Chaos Corona in Cinema 4D. Created with the Night Vision product by Blauw Films. Create realistic Night Vision scenes for short films and 3D renders.

Earth Digital developments for Operation: Deli Platter

November 13, 2022
3 min
Learn the best techniques for creating photorealistic Earth renders in Cinema 4D and Chaos Corona. We will explore the techniques behind Earth Digital for Operation: Deli Platter. Learn how to use Earth Digital; the Blauw Films realistic earth solution for CGI, Compositing and 3D rendering.

Realism in CGI with Graffiti Tags

December 8, 2022
3 min
Discover The Graffiti Scrapbook, a hand-painted collection of over 150 real graffiti decals and assets for 3d artists and environment artists to add graffiti assets in 3d renders or concept art. Create urban environments in any 3d software to make your scenes stand out with realistic texture. These assets are high-quality and consist of a Diffuse and Alpha map. Developed by real graffiti artists, for 3D artists.

The Bokeh of the Human Eye and the Camera

December 8, 2022
3 min
How to create the best bokeh effects in your cinematic 3D renders. This is a breakdown of using custom aperture maps and camera techniques in your 3d renderer to achieve photorealism and bokeh in your scene. Understand lens properties and camera settings to achieve depth of field.

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Planet Earth rendered in the Blauw Films crystal material

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