Working with Clients — Rough Steplist

What should you prepare for?

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July 17, 2023

Blauw Films

Over the years at Blauw Films we’ve worked with a variety of clients and collaborators. There are a few principles that have stayed true throughout our journey:

1. Connect with the customer

Get to know who you are working with. If it’s a company, do your basic background check but try not to know everything about them.

It’s better if you ask questions and you let them tell you. Often the brand communication of a company isn’t aligned with where they already are in their minds.

2. Alignment

Set the goal. Identify the reason for the meeting and what the outcome should be. Listen to what they are saying.

Find out what they need from you and if they’d need a proposal. If they do, find out what they would need to be in the proposal.

3. Deity of Choice

What makes them buy?

What will make them decide?
For example, they want good cinematography or good storytelling.

If you know what they are looking for you can provide them the right solution.

If there is resistance or hesitancy, you can always ask:

“What is stopping you from working with us?”

4. Clarify

Read back to them what they want. It’s important to make some general notes on their requirements.

People feel heard when you repeat what they said back to them.

Show them that you know what they want. If you have questions, ask them.

5. Put a proposal together

If needed you can re-iterrate to their team what you are planning to do and what you took away from your meetings with them.

The proposal comes in many shapes and forms but a few key elements are

  • introduction
  • summary
  • scope
  • timeline
  • budget

It’s good to offer options with the use of tiered pricing. The proposal is your document, so the negotiation is already in your favor.
It’s on you to frame the proposal towards the outcome you believe is the best fit.

6. Close the Deal

Be ready with a standard contract for your services. Also make sure you negotiate the payment terms and then send out the first invoice.

And that should be it! :)

If you follow these principles during client communications you will set yourself up for success!

Good luck!

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