Our Film Studio's corporate overview

What do we stand for and why are we here?

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February 8, 2024

Blauw Films

Blauw Films is a film studio with an open-source production pipeline and a global community of creative individuals.

Our mission is to transform the global film industry into an open system with democratised knowledge and financial opportunity.

We achieve this through innovative technologies, art, and entertainment created by passionate creatives combined with a new age of direct-to-consumer experiences.

Business Structure

Blauw Films comprises of three key sub-departments, each with a focused business model: 

  1. Blauw Films Productions

    Mission: Create and distribute entertainment media, including short films making use of Transmedia strategies.
    How: Employing a supply chain of movie production and a dedicated Research and Development pipeline.
    Business Model: Supply Chain
  2. Blauw Films Solutions

    Mission: Offer leading-edge implementation of diverse media-to-media solutions.
    How: Strategically position solutions with synergy from our R&D efforts.
    Business Model: Service
  3. Blauw Films Community

    Mission: Host a network of creatives and audience members, providing knowledge, resources and entertainment.
    How: Utilise omnipresent media strategies and establish a central hub on blauwfilms.com
    Business Model: Service

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