From Open-Source to Film Production

Developing OSS into products

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January 15, 2024

Blauw Films

A common question we frequently get is: "Why is Blauw Films open-source?"

Blauw Films uses a problem-solving approach in which, through open-source, we can contribute towards finding the best solutions for each creative and technical challenge.
Solving problems together is much more effective than working alone. With open-source, we can build upon the knowledge others have provided, and grow to new heights, together.

It is about tackling those challenges that "stop" us from achieving our ambitions.

Through continuous iteration, teams can find diverse use-cases for solutions that we had never imagined.
Earth Digital has greatly benefited from people's contributions. New features, optimised workflows and updated texture maps have been added over the year. We're very excited to see what will be added in the future.
(Read more about why creators might choose Earth Digital in this blog.)

If you are a creator working towards your ambitious project, you will undoubtedly face challenges.
And guess what, there are many creators out there facing similar challenges who each hold a piece of the puzzle.
With open-source everyone can accelerate their journey towards a solution for each unique use-case.

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