Realism in CGI with Graffiti Tags

December 8, 2022

First of all, I’d like to shout out my mate and graffiti artist Briks!
We have collaborated many times throughout our careers and most definitely will many more times in the future!

One thing I’ve always noticed in CG renders:The unnatural look of graffiti assets

Lots of 3D-scenes have graffiti with consistent line-weights, even spray-pressure and confusing scale.
This put me and Briks on a path to develop The Graffiti Scrapbook.
A collection of 150+ real graffiti decals. Each tagged with care onto a clean wall, and extracted into a Diffuse and Alpha.

If you recognise this problem, or are in need of high quality graffiti:
This pack is for you!

The Graffiti Scrapbook is an ongoing project in collaboration with graffiti artists.

I’m really excited for future updates of this product! We will be adding new tags and even full artworks.
Updates will be free of charge for those who have purchased the product.

I’ve also added this sketch-wall to the project file for you to try out the tags.
Build your own compositions and figure out which ones you like to combine!

3D-Assets available in the Graffiti Scrapbook.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Have a great day! Cheers, Leo